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OTH publishes essays, reflections, or short (1,000-1,500 words) articles from librarians, faculty, and publishers in the humanities.
These can vary from voicing your opinion on the current environment for professionals working in the humanities, promoting projects you are working on, personal essays incorporating your expertise in a humanities discipline or related area, responses to previous OTH pieces, or opinion pieces!


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OTH Editorial Calendar 

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National Arts and Humanities Month:



Political Science: U.S Presidential Election: teaching during an election year, historical perspective on elections, transfer of power, and elections on campus, resources for students and faculty to understand the election. 

Supreme Court: See Above

Native American Heritage Month: Perspectives from faculty, publishers, and/or librarians working in areas related to Native American heritage, history, and/or culture.


OTH & the Holidays: The humanities and the study of world religion

World Aids Day

Human Rights Day

US Election Results



Lessons learned from one semester in the COVID world

Inauguration Day


Black History Month

Resources for Black History Month, framing the history of black history month and arguing for/against, reflections on black scholarship in the humanities


Women’s History Month 


Earth Da