by Megan Smith

In honor of Black and Women’s History Month, OTH is highlighting Ali Duncan and Urban Sanctuary Wellness Studio to illustrate the creative genius and legacy of Black women across the U.S.

Urban Sanctuary is a Black women-owned and led wellness studio in the historically Black neighborhood of Five Points in Denver, Colorado that used to be known as the ‘Harlem of the West.’ The studio is housed in a 120-year building and in 1915, the sons of the great abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, Louis, and Fredrick Douglass Jr., ran the Douglass Undertaking Company through the building. Ali Duncan, the founder, and visionary behind Urban Sanctuary, remains rooted in the building’s legacy through centering the QTBIPOC community at the studio by offering accessible pricing for classes and workshops, providing Anti-Racism education, and cultivating a safe space for the community to connect and heal. 

Ali created a sanctuary full of possibilities. She allows creative freedom with the intention for all instructors, practitioners, creatives, musicians, and all beings that seek to utilize the studio for their healing, art, or educational offerings. The foundation of Urban Sanctuary is rooted in diversity and all walks of life are welcome to come as they are! The next time you are in Denver, Colorado, stop by the studio for yoga, meditation, dance, or aerial class! 

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